A New Home

Dothan urgently needs a new facility for rescued pets!

To fill our urgent need for a new animal shelter, Wiregrass Pet Rescue and Adoption Center is partnering with the City of Dothan and Houston County to develop a premier, state-of-the-art, $10.7 million shelter. Animal care, adoptions, fostering, volunteering, humane education programs, and community support programs will be offered at the Wiregrass Pet Rescue and Adoption Center.

Helping Rescued Pets Find A Forever Home

Wiregrass Pet Rescue is not your average animal shelter.

Designed By Pros

The architects and engineers we are working with have been responsible for over 800 shelter projects, both renovation and new construction. Preliminary plans and renderings for a 21,500 square foot, state of the art shelter facility are finished, and complete architectural plans are underway. The facility will be built on a beautiful 6 1⁄2 acre site fronting Highway 52 W just outside Ross Clark Circle.

Proposed Floor Plan

21,500 sf

Proposed Site Plan

Highway 52 West

When rescued pets are cared for with compassion and given a chance to find a loving home, everybody wins.

Facility Highlights

The new state-of-the-art shelter and adoption center will be attractive, welcoming, and not just for animal lovers.

Our inclusive facility will welcome families and individuals to visit, adopt, foster, and volunteer. School aged children throughout the county will visit to learn humane animal safety, care, and training. Children can practice reading to shelter dogs and cats, who will always award each child an A+.


  • A pleasant, warm, inviting, inclusive, family friendly facility
  • Indoor get acquainted rooms for adopters to meet one on one with adoptable pets
  • Education center room for community events, humane education classes, staff and volunteer training, meetings, birthday parties, fundraisers, summer camps, enrichment building, and much much more!
  • Community focused programs to help keep our community pets with their families
  • Dedicated volunteer check in and locker area for our volunteers of all ages
  • Open 7 days a week to better serve the needs of our community
  • dedicated foster program initiative that encourages community members to provide temporary loving foster homes for the most vulnerable strays, neonates, and pets with medical or behavioral challenges


  • 120 stainless steel dog kennels complete with indoor/outdoor runs and much needed access to natural light
  • Outdoor privacy fenced in play yards and meet and greet areas
  • Large wooded outdoor walking path complete with water fountains and waste receptacle stations
  • 112 double cat kennels each with one side for living and the other for litter box use
  • Free roaming cat rooms for a less stressful environment
  • Catios so our cat friends may access the outdoors safely
  • Medical room to ensure general medical needs of all shelter animals are met
  • Dedicated grooming rooms
  • Prep rooms for feeding and medicating
  • Separate intake and quarantined areas to mitigate spread of contagious disease
  • HVAC and plumbing drainage systems specifically designed for disease prevention, air quality and odor control